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June 10 – November 6, 2016 

A creative exhibit geared for summer fun!

What is Steampunk?  Steampunk: refers to a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Our Steampunk display incorporates a reflection on recycled gears and parts commonly found in the automotive industry re-purposed into both an artistic and functional form.

We’re excited to showcase this form of artistic expression and some new and emerging artists.

A new creative exhibit geared for summer fun!

What is Steampunk? Steampunk: refers to a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Our Steampunk display incorporates a reflection on recycled gears and parts commonly found in the automotive industry re-purposed into both an artistic and functional form.

We’re excited to showcase this form of artistic expression and some new and emerging artists.

Steampunk U Exhibit Artists & Work

Putting artistic aspirations under wraps in favor of a career as a Cultural Anthropologist, Anita Davis, first ventured the world over, absorbing and storing up ideas and cultural nuances. Then wandered into the imagination-filled world of Steampunk becoming the well­-known character “Anney Day”, a self-described “acquisitions expert” who utilizes a sometimes irascible time machine to retrieve artifacts from any era for clients. Once the character support pieces for “Anney” were completed, Anita looked to Dr. Evermor-oft described as an insane genius for his architectural pieces designed from trash-for inspiration in beginning her real-life adventure as a Steampunk Artist. Her creations, which have been featured in art shows around the country, evoke the sense of personal items that might have been possessed by quirky, bold, and daring characters. In the workshop, she forges her art from the treasure box as she calls the collection of materials she gathers from many far flung and unusual places, Anita says she feels like a guide as each piece of material, seems to have a predestined home in these retro­-futuristic accessories.

My name is Charles E. Mason II. I am the firstborn of eight children. I grew up in Canoga Park California most of my life. About 30 minutes from Hollywood. I played football for William Howard Taft high school for four years where I earned the honor of becoming a member of Los Angeles all city player 1997. But my future wasn’t to continue playing football. After high school I decided to pursue my dreams and passion for the make up special-effects industry.

I worked for many different effects companies starting with screaming mad George, Alex in wonderland, and global effects. I learned many of my artistic skills from my employment with these companies. I picked up my taste for steam punk but had no idea that this was happening. Thinking on your toes, creating with a small budget, and using what you know helped shape my skills. But I was getting older and the make up field was in a big decline and I wanted to get married and start a family so I moved to Oregon or my wife’s family lived.

I landed in Portland, Oregon where I attended Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts pastry program. I used my Hollywood artistic skills with my pastry craft. During my 10 year career as a pastry chef I pushed myself to reformulate cakes into works of art. My gingerbread cakes are out of this world creating two-sided castles, old-style steam train, and a pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean the black pearl. Yet again my heart wasn’t fulfilled and I had an empty place in my soul that needed to be filled I gave up the baking and pastry industry and started creating my visions full-time.

My ideas come to me during my meditation sessions. Meditation opens me up into a deeply creative space that is part of my core. This adds to the uniquely creative designs of my creations.


I am also blessed that I was chosen as one of the 10 artist to participate in the first ever steam punk design show, “Steampunk’d “. Since then I have created Lord Mason Extraordinary Designs to share my passion and vision of steam punk. My art is unique ,thoughtfully designed , cleverly crafted and very well-made.

A professional milliner with over 25 years experience, I specialize in hand-crafted, period-correct woman’s hats of the Civil War, Victorian and Edwardian eras as well as Steampunk and Haute Couture.  Each one is a work of art, inspired by the Victorian-era fashion plates of Harper’s Bazaar, Godey’s Ladies Book and original photos of the time.  I also am inspired by the fashions of a Milwaukee-area clothing designer, Silversark, and many of our collaborations have been published in a number of alternative fashion magazines in the past several years.  My work is available for purchase at the many conventions and reenactments we set up for and on my professional Facebook page,

The Dr. Professor is a physicist and electrical engineer who toiled far too many years in the wilderness of high technology, designing beige colored devices with softly rounded corners where any hint of beauty was designed out by committee. He then discovered the Steampunk Community, which was formed by readers and writers of Victorian science fiction, and found a design esthetic where he felt like he had finally come home. This aesthetic uses traditional materials (Earth, Air, Fire, Espresso, and copper, brass, steel, wood and glass). These objects have a simple, honest and understandable 19th Century based design with embellishments and elements of beauty designed in, yet remain highly functional.

Don is a Maker and demonstrator of 19th Century  Exceptionally High Voltage devices. These include spark gap and vacuum tube Tesla Coils with arc lengths up to 3 feet (500,000volts),  Van de Graaff generators (750,000 volts) , Wimshurst machines (90,000 volts),  Induction Coils

Tradition and technology; fun and function – all are part of the art of Erick Hershey.  Classically trained in Filmmaking and Sculpture, his work has spanned the fields of large-scale foam carving, character design and creation, stop-motion props and miniatures, scenic painting, stop motion & 2D animation, pen & ink illustration, figure drawing, concept art, and storyboarding.

Erick has worked as a sculptor and scenic artist for Scenic Crafts, Scenic Concepts, Provost Displays / Character Translations, and Tait Towers, as well as numerous private clients.  Some of his end clients include: Cirque du Soleil, The Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Blake Shelton, the Guthrie Theatre, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

I first got interested in steampunk when I found a pair of steampunk leather bracers, that had brass clock gears riveted on them, at a renaissance festival I went to a few years ago. I had never even heard of steampunk at that time but I loved the way those bracers looked. My steam-powered journey took off from there & I am still on it today.

The source of my inspiration is very simple. God is my source of inspiration. Him & I work together on all of my steampunk projects.

Kat Kaufman is a graduate from the Fiber and Art History departments of the Kansas City Art Institute. She creates historically based costumes, some accurately and others with a little bit of fun. Her interest in historical garments began before graduating high school in 2000, though she did not begin sewing these costumes until a few years later.

It was not until she moved to Kansas City to attend the Kansas City Art Institute that her artistic talent truly blossomed. Through the school, Katie was able to travel to England and study fashion design for a semester. This experience increased her motivation and enthusiasm for her favorite subculture, Steampunk, and encouraged her to focus all of her artistic ability towards that aesthetic. She was fortunate enough to go to Pennsylvania and work with a well-known Steampunk artist, Thomas Willeford, as an intern in the summer of 2012. The time with Thomas truly sent Katie in the right direction for her art to thrive.

Along with creating art, Kat also organizes and curates art exhibits and events around Kansas. She has had two exhibits in Kansas City, one in Topeka and began an annual Steampunk event and art exhibit in her hometown of Buhler, Kansas.

Amber O’Boyle Kulp

I have been a working artist for the last 14 years, I am an outsider artist. I started off with wood working and moved into jewelry when pregnant with my daughter. Since I wasn’t allowed to work with power tools due to a high risk pregnancy, a friend dropped a box of jewelry parts off on my door step with the note “Here! Do something, I need the sleep!” And so a business was born, I eventually opened a dress shop in addition to making jewelry, and came across Steampunk in my explorations in repurposing and recycling. At our first steampunk showing we sold out and caught the eye of co-curator Mike Leibner, and the rest is history!

Kat O’Boyle

I am Kat O’Boyle, I am 13. I am a student at the Howard Gardner School for Multiple Intelligences and will be attending Wyoming Seminary Upper School next year. I  love the contrast in Victorian Times and the modernism of Steampunk. I have been taking pictures for about a year now and am fascinated by portraits and faces. I hope to be a photographer and an elementary school teacher in the future. I also sing.

Kira Griffin is a 24 year old female photographer. Who was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She has been doing photography for the past 4 years. Photography started off as a hobby to keep her busy and slowly turned into such a passion that she decided to pursue from her childhood dreams. So she created K&GPhotography.

K&G is a small studio specializing in self love and expression, At K&G we believe that everyone is beautiful in there own way which is what we capture. At K&G we are self taught artist who have spent night and day studying light to learn how to properly capture it.

Michael Anthony is a jeweler and photographer based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Co-curator of the Steampunk U exhibit and owner of Dragon’s Eye photography.

My name is Natasha Rawls. I’m originally from Little Rock, Arkansas but now residing in Cordova, Tennessee.
My designer label is NaJo Couture Collections (pronounced Nāy-Jō), named after my two sons Nathan and Jordan.
I have been designing women’s wear since 2006, eventually winning Little Rock Fashion Week’s Clothing Line of the Year 2009.

I first discovered steampunk in 2011 while watching the tv show “Oddities”, but it wasn’t until 2015 when I was asked to create a steampunk wedding gown by Bridal Savoir Faire Magazine owner Meredith Corning. Hence the birth of Steampunk I: Wedding Ensemble and Steampunk II: Marie Antoinette. Both are in the upcoming issue of the bridal magazine, with the wedding dress displaying on the cover.

Paige Gardner is an award-winning costumer whose innovative vision and methods make her work distinctive in the steampunk community. Her elaborate masks, gear and costumes are typically constructed from found, salvaged or vintage items.

Paige’s costuming work has appeared in national news outlets, magazines, television and independent film as well as being featured in books, including “1000 Steampunk Creations”, “1000 Cosplay Creations” and “The Steampunk Users Manual” by Jeff VandeMeer. Her masks and gear have also been exhibited at various venues around the U.S.

The Co-Owner / Creator of Steps In Tyme Designs in Harriman, TN

Roy Chang is an art teacher, editorial cartoonist and freelance illustrator. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and earned his Masters in Education degree from the the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. He is also a two time Pa’i award winning Editorial Cartoonist for MidWeek, Hawai’i s largest read non-daily newspaper.

Roy participates in many events around the island where you can purchase his books and other merchandise.  If you can’t wait, though, contact him directly via email.

Pepe is a cartoon group mascot, a MidWeek running character in editorial cartoons, and purveyor of K Dramas and BBQ.  Also a Special Railroad Agent.  Like his Facebook page for pics and cartoons.

“Sam Callanta is Baltimore-based artist with a BA in Theatre who does her best steampunk work in leather. Her work has been sold at the Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts in Bethlehem, PA and is currently on sale at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Previously, Sam interned for Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios and still works with him on occasion. Notably, she assisted in the build of a Giant Robot, which was featured on A&E’s Shipping Wars, and she helped him with a suit of leather armor for Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City. More of her work can be found at and at

Sean Hackett, a former Analyst/Project Manager resides in Wilmington Delaware. His introduction into the world of Steampunk came from a natural progression of his hobbies, refinishing Victorian era furniture and creating Victorian Lampshades. After surveying his collection of antique lamp parts, something clicked about the artistry involved with each piece. While expanding upon the notion that configuring the pieces in different ways brought about a different aesthetic that wasn’t the “norm” for a period lamp, he started making Steampunk Lamps. After being asked by a friend to show his lamps in his gallery, he was asked to become one of the Visual Artists for Wilmington’s Fringe Festival. Since then, Sean has shown his lamps and other creations at numerous art galleries in the Delaware Valley. Until recently, two of his original camera lamps held a captive audience, flanking the screen at the prestigious art theater, Theater N, in Wilmington for two years. Presently, he is working on writing a series of science fiction novels titled, “After H.G.”.

James Neathery lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and two children. He began working on leather projects as a hobby in early 2011, focusing on steampunk and dieselpunk, and founded Starboard Sky that summer. He started out making leather watches and cuffs, but has since expanded his lineup to include items of all sorts- holsters, belts, flasks, masks, electronic gadgets and speaker boxes, entire suits of leather and brass armor, and the world’s first hand tooled leather and brass corset. His goal is to make “everyday steampunk” – comfortable, wearable, stylish items that are suited for nearly any budget, but with quality to last a lifetime. His work landed him a spot on the TV series “Steampunk’d,” where 10 makers battled it out for $100,000 by making steampunk creations out of everyday items and repurposed parts. His work has been featured in many steampunk publications and forums and several of his items are on display at the AACA museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. You can see James’s work at and follow him at

Tee Morris has been writing for over a decade from science fiction to fantasy to horror. His first novel, MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe & Askana, was a nominee for the 2003 EPPIE for Best Fantasy, but in 2005 the book became the first novel to be podcast in its entirety, ushering in a new age for authors — podcasting. He went on to write several books on social media initiatives and tour around the world with a variety of seminars and workshops covering blogging, podcasting, and social networking.

In 2011, Tee returned to fiction with Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel, written with his wife, Pip Ballantine. The title went on to win the Airship Award for Best Steampunk Literature and become a finalist for Goodreads’ Choice Awards for Best Science Fiction of 2011. 2012 saw the release of the sequel, The Janus Affair, also a finalist for Goodreads’ Choice Awards for Best Science Fiction of 2012. While celebrating the release of Dawn’s Early Light, Tee and Pip continue producing Tales from the Archives, an award-winning podcast anthology featuring short stories set in their steampunk universe.

Casey July is a Professional Costume Designer and Applied Artist. She has had her work featured in theaters, theme parks, fashion shows, and Cosplay conventions.

The July Studio works out of the central Ozarks but has clients all over the world.

She loves the challenge of creating exceptional Cosplay and Steampunk creations but also does Weddings and other life events.

(Photo credits goes to Brian W. Martin, my fiance)


Thomas Willeford


Michael Liebner

Guest Co-Curators Thomas Willeford, Steampunk Artist and judge on GSNTV Series Steampunk’D & Steampunk enthusiast and owner of Dragon’s Eye photography Michael Liebner.


Thomas is currently a judge on the GSNTV series Steampunk’D