Classic Cars at AACA Museum

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A trip to the AACA Museum, Inc. in Hershey, Pennsylvania is a journey of discovery for everyone. The Museum’s original and restored vintage vehicles are displayed in elaborate scenes that bring the history of the automobile to life. From a tiny machine shop in turn-of-the-century New York to the asphalt apron of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Museum’s main floor exhibit gallery invites the visitor to move through time and space on tour from the automobile’s blacksmith shop beginnings to a time and place where the car was king.   The AACA Museum, Inc. is also home to the world’s largest collection of Tucker ’48 automobiles on permanent display in the Cammack Tucker Gallery.   This gallery houses an amazing three Tucker ’48 automobiles, several experimental Tucker engines, the factory test chassis and even the original barn door to the Tucker family farm.   Of the original 51 Tuckers Produced, 47 still exist today, three of which are on view here.  Tucker #1001 was the very first production Tucker and Tucker #1026   Tucker, the only surviving Tucker with an automatic transmission.

The Williams-Clyne Gateway Gallery, added in 2017, is an entry gallery to the main level exhibits.   This gallery is a changing exhibit space where we’re able to partner with a variety of marque clubs, and other automotive organizations to showcase an even broader display of vehicles.

NCRS Gallery at AACA Museum IncThe journey continues into the main level changing exhibit gallery designed to showcase short-term displays that range from Model T’s to Muscle Cars. Moving on to the Lower Level reveals a new set of spaces to be explored, including Flo’s restored 1941 Valentine Diner (relocated from Wichita, Kansas). It’s a walk-in time capsule of a period when coffee cost a dime, and the waitress placed an order for ham and eggs by calling to the cook for “pigs and chickens on a raft.”

AACA Museum | Flo's Diner | Hershey, PAParked next to Flo’s are a dozen vehicles owned by the Museum of Bus Transportation — they’re the largest collection of historic buses under roof in the United States. When viewed along with the 100-foot timeline mounted on the rear wall, they tell the story of an industry that carried four generations of Americans across town and across the country.

The Lower Level also includes an ever-changing variety of vehicles that are too interesting or unique to be kept in collection storage. You may find an early “funeral car” (hearse) built from a carriage body and an REO truck), the Rolls-Royce Silver Spur factory Limousine once owned by Whitney Houston or many other exciting vehicles.

AACA Museum | Kid's Activities | Hershey, PA

For children, this is the place to get up close and personal with automotive stuff. In the activity room, younger visitors can do a crayon rubbing of an antique license plate and engage in a variety of hands-on projects and activities. At the Photo Stop, kids of all ages can dress up in period clothing and have their picture taken sitting a vintage vehicle.  Our “Roads to Rails” model train room has dozens of buttons to push making each scene of the display come alive with interactive elements.

The finishing touch to any museum visit is a trip to the Retail Store. The AACA Museum, Inc. retail store features exciting and unusual items such as Garage Décor, Auto Care, Collectibles, Books, DVD’s, models, toys and much more – There’s something for everyone! Many items from the store are also available online – just click on the store button at the top of the page.

Come to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and Cruise through time with us at the AACA Museum, Inc. at Hershey.