Spring Exhibit Opening at the AACA Museum, Inc. Includes Mustangs and Thunderbirds, Ford Professionals and One New Panelist

May 18, 2018


Hershey, Pa (May 17, 2018) On May 18, 2018, the AACA Museum, Inc. is hosting a Spring Exhibit Opening. We will be showcasing our newest Featured Exhibits, Mustangs: Six Generations of America’s Favorite Pony Car located throughout our Main Gallery and the International Thunderbird Club (ITC) Exhibit located in our Williams-Clyne Gateway Gallery.

We will be showing off fabulous Mustangs throughout the Museum as Mustang enthusiasts come together to celebrate these amazing vehicles. These vehicles include the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car, a T-5 European Export Fastback, a Saleen prototype, Boss Mustangs, Shelbys, and many more! Thank you to our exhibit sponsor, National Parts Depot (NPD).

In our Williams-Clyne Gallery, we have a trio of terrific Thunderbirds on display. The first vehicles on view in the Gallery are a 1960 Thunderbird; a 1963 Principality of Monaco Thunderbird; and, the 1957 Battlebird Thunderbird tribute car. Throughout the summer and fall, these cars will be rotated out to showcase the many different iconic Thunderbirds created over the years. These specific vehicles will be on display until we roll in the next group at the beginning of summer.

To celebrate all of these two fantastic exhibits, we will kick-off the celebration with an opening reception on May 18th. Guests can enjoy light snacks, a cash bar, and other beverage while enjoying both the vehicles and the company of others. As an extra special treat, those coming to the Opening Reception will be joined by our extraordinary guests who will be participating in a panel discussion. Our guests include Mr. Chuck Cantwell, Mr. John Clor, Mr. Gale Halderman and newly confirmed panelist Mr. Art Hyde. All four panelists have a rich history with Ford Motor Company and the Mustang.

Chuck Cantwell – project engineer for Shelby American for the GT 350 and other vehicles. Cantwell is also an author of the recently published book: Shelby Mustang GT350: My Years Designing, Testing and Racing Carroll’s Legendary Mustangs.

A limited supply of his books will be available for sale on the opening night, along with the opportunity to have your book personally signed by Mr. Cantwell.



John Clor – Enthusiast Communications Manager for Ford Performance. Veteran journalist John Clor has owned, raced, worked on, written and spoken about Fords and Mustangs for some 45 years. After a 15-year career at The Detroit News, Clor shifted to automotive journalism with stints at AutoWeek magazine and later Edmunds.com. He joined the Ford Special Vehicle Team in 1995 and spent the better part of the next decade working on SVT Communications, PR and Marketing. Since 2007 he’d been managing a club outreach program and enthusiast communications for Ford Racing, a job he now does for Ford Performance, as well as managing all enthusiast content on FordPerformance.com. Clor is an Iacocca Award Winner, author of the book Mustang 2015, plus Mustang Dynasty (2007 & 2009), and host of his own local cable-access TV show, “Cars In Context.” He’s also a member of several Ford-based car-clubs, and is the proud owner of two ’70s era Mustangs, including one he calls “a long-term project.”

A limited number of copies of his book, Mustang 2015, will be available for purchase along with an author book signing session that evening.

Gale Halderman– Ford Stylist, worked closely with then-division vice-president Lee Iacocca, his special projects manager Hal Sperlich, and Ford studio chief Joe Oros to help create the design that defined the original Ford Mustang. Under direction from Oros, Halderman was asked to come up with design ideas overnight for a new sporty car concept, and the next day one of his six sketches was selected out of the two-dozen designs that were submitted. After penning Mustang’s now-iconic shape, Halderman was then tasked with leading the design team responsible for taking the 1965 Mustang from concept sketch to clay and from feasibility on through to production. Halderman served as design chief for the Ford Mustang for eight more years. Mustang design advances under Halderman’s leadership included the ’65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback, the ’67 SportsRoof and the ’71 Notchback and full Fastback designs. Later, Mr. Halderman oversaw the design development of the 1979 Fox Body (3rd generation) Mustang under design chief Jack Telnack.

Art Hyde – After attending the 1964 World’s Fair and falling in love with the Mustang, Art came up with the idea and then created the original production Bullitt Mustang in 2001. He did the same for the 2003 Mach 1 and led the design. He also led the design and engineering teams for the all-new 2005 Mustang. Art is one of only two Mustang Chiefs who were responsible for two different generations of Mustangs. Current Adjunct Professor of Integrative Systems and Design. Art was the former Chief Engineer at Ford Global Product Development System, and also worked as Mustang Chief Program Engineer. Art started his time at Ford in 1977 completing various engineering and planning positions.

Tickets for the opening reception are just $15 dollars per person for the general public or free for current Museum members, making this the ideal time to join our growing Museum family. Reserve your ticket today here or purchase your Museum Membership by calling the Museum at 717-566-7100 or online here.