AACA Museum, Inc. Spring Opening Reception Was a Huge Success, Attracted a Record-Breaking Paid Attendance!

Hershey, PA (May 29, 2018) Our Spring Opening Reception was an amazing celebration to kick off our newest exhibits which include: Mustangs: Six Generations of America’s Favorite Pony Car and The International Thunderbird Club (ITC). The opening, held on May 18, 2018, created such a wonderful buzz around the car community, and the evening was filled with over 400 Mustang and Thunderbird enthusiasts!

 Our Mustangs: Six Generations of America’s Favorite Pony Car exhibit showcases six generations of Mustangs as well as featured Mustangs such as the 1963 Mustang II Concept Show Car, a T-5 European Export Fastback, a Saleen prototype, Boss Mustangs, Shelby Mustangs, and many more! We want our guests to see and learn about how Mustangs evolved over the years and became a hugely successful nameplate and cultural icon. We would like to thank National Parts Depot for sponsoring this exhibit. This exhibit is guest curated by Museum volunteer and Ford enthusiast, Jim Aberts.

In our Williams-Clyne Gallery, the International Thunderbird Club has an exhibit, guest curated by Gerald Bartasavich, President of the ITC. The exhibit currently features a 1957 Battlebird Thunderbird, a 1960 Thunderbird, and a 1963 Principality of Monaco Thunderbird. Make sure to check back for additional vehicles that will be on view throughout the summer and into the fall.

During the event, our panel of speakers completely wowed the crowd. We would like to thank our panelists: Chuck Cantwell, Project Engineer for Shelby American, John Clor, Enthusiast Communications Manager for Ford Performance, Gale Halderman, retired Ford Stylist and whose design was chosen for the original Mustang, and Art Hyde, former Chief Engineer at Ford Global Product Development System and creator of the Bullitt Mustang in 2001 and the Mach 1 in 2003. He also led the design and engineering teams for the 2005 Mustang.  After the discussion panel was over, both John Clor and Chuck Cantwell participated in a book signing, and all four panelists stayed for almost two hours after the event autographing complimentary Mustang posters and talking with attendees.  We are so thankful that our panelists were able to join us for such an exciting evening!

If you weren’t able to make it, you missed an amazing event. We were able to videotape the program and will be able to share it with everyone very soon…stay tuned.

We would like to thank our event sponsors, C & J Catering for supplying rentals and Nomad Barbeque for supplying our guests with delicious pulled pork.

Both of these new exhibits will run until October 14, 2018.