1970 Chevelle LS-6

1970-chevelle pic_1970-chevellels6

The LS6 Chevelle represents a part of the ‘muscle car find’ in Wisconsin in 2006. This vehicle was found by following up on a long-rumored collection of muscle cars and Corvettes, as well as literally tons of parts, stored in semi trailers by a quiet man in his hometown.

1970 Chevelle ExhibitOne-by-one the trailers, which had been sealed since the early 1970s, were cracked open to see exactly what was hidden inside. The first trailer was opened to reveal not one but two 1970 Chevelle SS 454s, each surrounded with ultra-rare and desirable muscle car parts. One of these Chevelle’s is the example that will now be part of the AACA Museum’s permanent collection and was added through the generosity of Scott Milestone, who purchased the entire muscle car and parts find.

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