Remembering Road Maps Display

The exhibit began on September 1, 2018.

In today’s digital world, we’ve become accustomed to getting where we’re headed by pulling up MapQuest or Google Maps on our phone or by using a GPS to guides us to our destination; however, that hasn’t always been the case.    Since the advent of automobiles, motorists have needed to know how to get to their destination, and for many decades they relied on paper maps.    Maps were given away by local gas stations, convenience stores, tire companies, banks, tourist bureaus, chambers of commerce, rental car companies, and many other businesses.  Many of these businesses provided these maps as a form of advertising to get customers to visit their attraction or gas station brand.    Learn more about this interesting collecting topic and see a display with early maps right here at the AACA Museum, Inc.   This display is being done in conjunction with the Road Map Collectors Association who will also be hosting their annual convention here again on  September 21, 2019.

Road Map Display

Why on Earth would someone collect roadmaps?

  • Preserve a slice of history and geography of that same Earth.
  • Study road systems.
  • Enjoy the variety of graphic arts used over time to attract attention.
  • Enjoy petroliana (products and advertising relating primarily to gas stations and oil companies.)
  • Use maps to discover where gas stations were located – as listed or shown on the maps.
  • Enjoy classic advertising styles.
  • Old maps and old cars are totally related.
  • Collect maps of your home region.
  • Collect maps from your important years.

Content provided by Road Map Collectors Association

Road Map Display

What kinds of maps do people collect?

Since so many maps have been issued, collectors often specialize.   Here are the different types of maps available:

  • Particular countries, regions, states, provinces, counties, and cities – folding maps and atlases.
  • Gas station maps – all brands, several, or just one, then every map issued or one of each cover design.
  • Maps with gas station locations listed or shown on the map
  • Particular graphics style, Art Deco, maybe?
  • Scenic covers either artwork or photographic
  • Special event or commemorative such as World Expos, Olympic games.
  • Cruising guide maps
  • Themes, such as cars or animals, on the cover
  • Particular publisher
  • Particular highway, US 66, Lincoln Highway
  • Recreational area maps
  • Toll Road Maps

Content provided by Road Map Collectors Association

How do you date roadmaps?   Where can you find them?  Who gave away road maps?  When were maps issued?

These and many other questions can be answered by visiting the display here at the AACA Museum, Inc.   Be sure to pick up your Guide to Road Maps from the Road Map Collectors Association when you visit!

Road Map Collectors Association BrochureLike to get starting in this hobby?   The Road Map Collectors Association Convention will be held right here at the AACA Museum, Inc. on September 21 & 22, 2018.

Road Map Collectors Association is a great resource for anyone interested in road maps, as a collector or researcher.  Find out more, or become a member.