Tucker Torpedo

On view:  October 4-10, 2017

The Tucker Torpedo was an innovative design by Tucker designer George Lawson that was never brought to life . . . until now!

Building the Tucker Torpedo . . .

Video courtesy of Ida Automotive.


Before there was a Tucker ’48 Preston Tucker engaged a series of design projects that produced a never-built concept vehicle call the Tucker Torpedo.   Elements of the Torpedo made their way into the design of the Tucker ’48, but the Tucker Torpedo was never produced in a full-scall prototype . . . until now.    This car, built by Rob Ida Concepts brings the concept Torpedo design to life.

Join us for the first public appearance of this amazing automobile on view for a limited time – October 4-10, 2017.   The Torpedo will be on display as a work in progress allowing everyone to see the workmanship and its inner-workings!   It will be on view in the Cammack Tucker Gallery home to the worlds largest collection of Tucker automobiles and related artifacts.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Bob Kerekes – the owner of this amazing vehicle, along with the Ida family and the Tucker family who have all put in a tremendous amount of time, thought, energy and dedicated effort to bring the Tucker Torpedo to life in its historic form.   We are honored that the AACA Museum Inc was chosen as the location for the first public viewing of the Tucker Torpedo.

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