Remembering Road Maps Display

Road Map Display

Hershey, PA. (September 12, 2018)  In today’s digital world, we’ve become accustomed to getting where we’re headed to by pulling up MapQuest, Google Maps on our phone, or by using a GPS system to guide us to our destination; however, that hasn’t always been the case.    Since the advent of automobiles, motorists have needed to know how to get to their destination, and for many decades they relied on paper maps.  In the early driving days, there were no route numbers and maps were created with photos and other identifying landmarks.      Learn more about these maps and why they are collectible in our newest display guest curated by Dave Leach of the Road Map Collectors Association.


Road Map Collectors Association BrochureWhy would someone be interested in collecting road maps?  The reasons are varied from preserving a slice of history, to studying road systems, to enjoying the variety of graphic arts that were used over the decades.  Some people collect maps of a particular state or region while others collect those related to a specific highway, such as US Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway.   Still, others collect those put forth by a particular publisher or maybe those published in a specific decade.  Maps were given away by local gas stations, convenience stores, tire companies, banks, tourist bureaus, state highway departments, chambers of commerce, rental car companies, and many other businesses.  Many did so to entice visitors to their location or to perhaps let travelers know where to get gas in the vehicle, as was the case for many gas stations.


Learn more about this curious collecting topic, and see a display featuring examples of early maps and later maps right here at the AACA Museum, Inc.   This display is being done in conjunction with the Road Map Collectors Association who will also be hosting their annual convention here September 21 & 22 in 2018 and again in 2019.  So if you’re interested in beginning a collection or learning more this is the perfect first step.    You can also visit to be connected with the Road Map Collectors Association (RMCA).  The RMCA, founded in 1994, has several hundred members in the United States and abroad.  Prior conventions have been held in the Chicago, Indianapolis, and Dallas areas, as well as in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.   This will be the first convention in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.    There is no additional admission charge for guests to attend the MapCon event.


AACA Museum has featured exhibits that change throughout the year along with permanent exhibitions.   Other current exhibits include Mustangs:  Six Generations of America’s Favorite Pony Car; A Trio of Thunderbirds from various owners in the International Thunderbird Club; The Prototype DeLorean and the 1985 Modena Spyder, better known as the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” movie “Ferrari.”   Beginning in mid-November, we’ll be featuring “Land Yachts:  Post WWII Luxury Convertibles” along with our annual “Cars & Christmas” holiday celebration with decorated trees, and lots of model trains on view along with our spectacular line-up of vintage automobiles.

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