Pontiac-Oakland Club Keystone State Chapter Exhibit

Pontiac-Oakland Exhibit

The Keystone State Chapter of the  Pontiac-Oakland Club International exhibit will feature several different types of this iconic GM brands in this gallery display from April – October.  Featured vehicles will rotate and will include early Oakland vehicles, the introduction of Pontiac through GM’s muscle car, and “Wide Track” history.

The exhibit showcases three different eras of the famous GTO in April – early July.   The highlight will be on some classic Pontiac vehicles such as the Bonneville from early July – early September.   The final trio of vehicles will be early Oakland models from early September – October 20th.

The Oakland portion of the display boasts a 1916 Oakland Model 50, a 1923 Oakland Model 6-44 and a 1923 Oakland Model 6-44 Touring Car.   Two of these three automobiles are the only known survivors of their model year.  Oakland Motor Company was a Division of General Motors that built autombiles from 1907 through 1931.     View the full press release on the Oakland Display>

The display is enhanced by a history of the brand through automobilia and auto dealer signs.  We showcase the first brand, “Oakland” then on to the famous Tin Indian, and continue through to the Arrowhead.

For more information on this club, please visit the Keystone Chapter of POCI (Pontiac-Oakland Club International) at http://www.kscpoci.org OR the International club at http://www.poci.org

Exhibit Press Release>>

1916 Oakland Model 50