Pioneers in African American Automotive History

Pioneers in African American Automotive History
February 1-28, 2017
At the AACA Museum

African American Automotive History

Hershey, PA (February 2, 2017) – In salute of Black History Month, the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum presents a history of the pioneers in the African American community who contributed to the advancement of the automobile industry. These men and women laid the foundation for others to pursue careers in such fields as franchised car dealers, designers, custom car builders, race car drivers and manufacturers.

Black History is honored one month of the year; however, the AACA Museum will facilitate a mini-exhibit that extends from February 1-28, 2017, Pioneers in African American Auto History.

This exhibit begins with the struggles of African-Americans following the end of slavery and their desire to have their ideas and inventions recognized as equals. Visitors will learn about the only recorded African-American car manufacturer, C.R. Patterson of Ohio and W.H. Phelps, who patented an apparatus for washing over-sized vehicles, along with other esteemed names. While learning the history, visitors can take the opportunity to assemble their own paper traffic signal patented by Garrett Morgan—courtesy of the Western Reserve Historical Society.

African American Auto History Exhibit African American Auto History Exhibit

There are three activities available for guests as part of this exhibit:

  • Make your own t-shaped traffic signal
  • Exhibit based crossword puzzle BHE
  • Share what you’ve learned draw-a-pic or write a story

Don’t miss this engaging exhibit that highlights and explores the contributions of African-Americans to the transportation industry.

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