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Mustangs: Six Generations of America’s Favorite Pony Car

May 18 – October 14, 2018

This exhibit will cater to the serious Mustang hobbyist as well as the general public, including a story-line of how the Mustang concept was developed along with some unusual models.

The Mustang began as a brilliant business model:  You start with a reliable but inexpensive car, the Falcon, which is well-established that no costly engineering is needed.  Then, you design a body with an appealing and unique shape — a short deck and a long hood.  Give it a base price that suggests almost anyone can afford to buy one.  Then, offer it with enough options that it can become anything its owner desires:  a practical and thrifty six-cylinder runabout, a high-performance muscle car, or a sporty-looking luxo-cruiser.  Introduce it to the public in a high profile venue:  the 1964World’s Fair in New York.

The idea worked; the Mustang sold like the proverbial hotcakes, and Lee Iacocca became a household name overnight.  But after you achieve this remarkable success, how do you keep it going for over 50 years?  That is the story that we will tell as part of this exhibit.

We’re excited to announce that the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car will be here as part of the exhibit!

1963 Mustang III Concept Car

photo credit: Vanderbilt Cup Races

Fun Facts about this vehicle with content credit to Vanderbilt Cup Races:

Chassis:  VIN # 5S08F10009

  • From August to December 1963 Ford built 15 pre-production pilot Mustang chassis to establish assembly procedures, to determine engineering revisions necessary for future production at Ford’s Dearborn Assembly Plan and to create concept show cars.
  • These 15 mustang pilot units with S-code VINs were built at the Allen Park Pilot Plan before the first assembly of production Mustangs which began in early 1964.  After their use, all Mustangs with S-code VINs were scheduled to be destroyed since they were not built for the road.
  • This automobile was the ninth pre-production Mustang ever built.  The first eight S-code Mustangs have been destroyed, or their existence is unknown.
  • This is the only known existing Mustang with an S-code VIN, and according to Mustang historian Bob Fria, it is likely “the oldest known Mustang on the road today.

For more on this vehicle visit Vanderbilt Cup Races>

Here’s a list of the vehicles that are going to be part of this exhibit:

1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car
1965 convertible
1966 Coupe
1967 Shelby GT350

1967 T5 Fastback (German Export car)
1968 Eleanor replica
1968 Shelby GT350 Convertible
1968 Shelby GT350 Fastback
1968 Coupe
1969 BOSS 429
1969 Fastback
1973 Coupe
1978 Mustang II
1987 Saleen prototype
1991 LX 5.0
1994 BOSS Shinoda
1994 Mustang Pace Car Replica
2003 GT Conv
2012 GT500

Vehicles are on loan from individual collections and are subject to change.   Updated 3/20/18

1968 Elinor replica Mustang

Opening Night Reception & Program – May 18th

Mark your calendar NOW for Friday, May 18th, we’re planning an extra-special Museum Exhibit Opening Program that you won’t want to miss!  Be among the first to see these fantastic Mustangs while you enjoy some snacks, beverages and the company of other enthusiasts.

We have some extraordinary guests who will be here as part of a panel program:

Mr. Chuck Cantwell – project engineer for Shelby American for the GT 350 and other vehicles.   Chuck is also an author of the recently published book: Shelby Mustang GT350:  My Years Designing, Testing, and Racing Carroll’s Legendary Mustangs.

Mr. John Clor – Enthusiast Communications Manager for Ford Performance.  John is also author to two books Mustang 2015 The New Generation and The Mustang Dynasty.

Mr. Gale Halderman– Ford Motor Company, Design Director.   Gale led the team for the original Mustang through feasibility to production.   He received the Industrial Design Society Design Award for the design of the 1965 Mustang.

As you can image, this group of Mustang professionals certainly will have some exciting stories to share with everyone on opening night!

Tickets: $25.00

Museum Member Price:  $15

Note:  If you are a current Supporting Member, Lifetime Member or 161 Society Member you will be able to attend without cost as part of your membership.

Child (Age 4-12) Price:  $15

Opening Reception Tickets


We have a small block of overnight rooms available at The SpringHill Suites Hershey adjacent to the AACA Museum, Inc.    Rooms are at a special rate of $199.00.    Please mention the Mustang Exhibit opening when making your reservations.     Call:  717-583-2222.  Website:  Marriott.com/HARSH

SpringHill Suites Hershey

Have a Mustang you think would be a good fit for this exhibit?   Share an image and the details with us via email at  info@AACAMuseum.org or give us a call 717-566-7100.


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