Mods Vs. Rockers


Great news! This exhibit extended until October 29.

This exhibit examines the “Mods & Rockers” era in the UK.  Mods and Rockers were two conflicting British youth subcultures of the 1960s.

The Rocker subculture was centered on motorcycling, and their appearance reflected that.   They generally wore protective clothing such as black leather jackets and motorcycle boots (although they sometimes wore “brothel creeper” shoes).   The common Rocker hairstyle was a pompadour, while their music genre of choice was 1950s rock and roll, played by artists like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, and Bo Diddley.

ModsVRockers_AACA_Museum (7)_72dpi

The Mod subculture was centered on fashion and music, and many mods rode scooters.  Mods wore suits and other clean-cut outfits, and preferred 1960s music genres such as soul, rhythm and blues, ska beat music and British blues-rooted bands like The Who, The Yardbirds, and The Small Faces.

The exhibit will feature approximately 12 period motorcycles and 12 period scooters, along with material culture, photographs, and interpretive posters.

ModsVRockers_AACA_Museum (5)_72dpi

Not your average motorcycle / café bike exhibit…

Guest Curators:
Rob Kain
Janet Mulligan Bowen
Dave Russell

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Note:  Most exhibit vehicles will continue on view through October 29th but the following vehicles were not able to stay for the extension:

57 BSA Goldstar motorcycle owned by Al Hartman

65 Lambretta series III scooter owned by Glenn Guillas