Larger than Life Pedal Car

On display until February 21, 2016

Pedal Car 1

Have you ever dreamed of a GIANT pedal car? One that you could actually drive?  We’ve got one!  This one-of-a-kind creation has a body made from fiberglass with a steel under structure.  The creator, Dan Hryhorcoff, decided to copy a recognizable toy car and make it GIANT size.  This car is made with inspirationGIANT_Pedal_Car_72dpi of the “Murray General” pedal car, also known as the “Murray Sad Face”.  Even more amazing is that this pedal car is  drivable!   A 1997 V6 3 litre Ford Ranger was the donor vehicle.   The necessary parts were stripped down to separate components, cleaned and reassembled in an arrangement suitable for the pedal car dimensions and structure.   The body was created in sections first sculpted in styrofoam and plaster (in the positive).  Then fiberglass molds were made for (the negatives) from these sculptings.  From those molds came the fiberglass panels (the positives) that make up the car body.  The owner, Dan wanted the car to be legally driven on Pennsylvania roads and still have the large center mounted steering wheel, a signature part of a pedal car.  To accomplish this the car was built with two driving positions.  One with the center mount oversize steering wheel and center mounted gas and brake pedal, and a second left hand driving position with a smaller standard size steering wheel and accompying gas and brake pedals.  In August of this year the owner received his PA title and registration plate making it street legal.