Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie the Love Bug Makes a Pit Stop in Hershey


Hershey, PA (December 9, 2010) Herbie more commonly known as The Love Bug, one of the most recognizable and lovable vehicles in American motion picture history, currently has a winter home at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum at Hershey Pennsylvania. Herbie and one of his stunt doubles are visiting the museum starting December 11th from their usual home, the William E. Swigart Jr. Automobile Museum located at Huntington Pennsylvania. The Swigart museum (America’s oldest automobile museum) has been kind enough to let them visit the residence of Hershey and the surrounding areas until they return home at the end of April 24, 2011.

Watch the Video News 8’s Pete Muntean reported from the Antique Auto Museum in Hershey.

Herbie made his television debut in the 1969 Walt Disney Productions film The Love Bug which was the biggest American box office hit of that year. The movie was based on a book written in 1961 by Gordon Buford called “Car, Boy, Girl”. After the 1969 debut the world never looked at Volkswagen beetles the same way. Herbie became a cultural icon and one of the most recognizable cars in the world.

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