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A Second Life for a Milton Hershey School® “Family Wagon”

Milton Hershey School Alumni, John Hanawalt, Jim Hanawalt and Rosario “Roy” Sollazzi purchased one of the legendary wagons (read more below!) and donated it to our Museum. This historical vehicle requires extensive restoration to return it to its original condition and burgundy color—thank you for actively supporting our current efforts to recover this important artifact and return it to how it existed while making history and changing lives. We truly appreciate your support. Your gift directly helps saving this station wagon for future generations having the chance to see it.

An additional site created to help restore the wagon:

Soon to offer t-shirts and other merchandise to raise funds.

Restoration in Sight! Recently, an anonymous $25,000 matching funds donation was made that allows the restoration of the MHS Wagon to begin.

The MHS Wagon will be leaving the AACA Museum, Inc. for restoration in the Fall of 2017. The AACA Museum, Inc. will work with the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA to complete this restoration as a student project. Read More Here >> 

A Quick History of Milton Hershey School®

Milton S. Hershey and his wife Catherine founded Milton Hershey School to provide a home and education for orphan boys. Today, Milton Hershey School exists for both boys and girls from families of lower income to have everything needed to learn how to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

The School’s fiftieth (50th) anniversary in 1959 was a key landmark for the School–celebrating the past while taking the present time to plan the School’s future. It was in this monumental year an intentional decision to emphasize the family environment dictated plans for changes in the School that were fulfilled throughout the next decade (1960s).

“…Students called them “cattle wagons” and later “limbo wagons.” To receive the full experience giving these station wagons their nickname “Limbo wagons” required sitting in the coveted rear-facing backseat; in this seat, the car ride created the namesake swinging sensation….”

In order to achieve this concept of the family home environment, student housing changed to reflect the period’s popular family ranch or split-level homes. To make this family home feel complete, MHS ordered regular 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne wagons that then were sent to Stageway who converted these into fourteen (14) passenger vehicles. Before these modified wagons, MHS students relied upon buses shared between student homes for transportation; adding the station wagons gave each home their own vehicle for transportation. It was a highly welcomed change and the station wagons quickly became a central element of MHS students’ lives. Students called them “cattle wagons” and later “limbo wagons.” To receive the full experience giving these station wagons their nickname “Limbo wagons” required sitting in the coveted rear-facing backseat; in this seat, the car ride created the namesake swinging sensation. Eventually, MHS replaced the 1962 Stageway Chevrolet Station Wagons, but the history and memory these vehicles created is irreplaceable.

The wagon departed the AACA Museum complex on January 11, 2019, and was taken to the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA where it will undergo extensive restoration work by the students.     It will return when completed and we look forward to sharing the progress throughout the next couple years.  We’re excited for the next part of this adventure.

Special thanks to Museum volunteer Paul Johnson for using his rollback and for transporting the wagon to Williamsport.

1962 Stageway Wagon Being Loaded on a trailer
1962 Stageway Wagon on rollback for transport

List of Donors & Donations

Gifts in of $10,000 or greater
Anonymous Donor Matching Grant providing
AACA Hershey Region

Gifts of $1,000 – $9,999
AACA Museum Visitors via Donation Box  & Anonymous donations

MHS Homestead Chapter

Gifts of $100 – $999

Charlene Bower
Nancy Patrick & Rich Vanderberg
The Professional Car Society
Milton Hershey School donations
John B Hanawalt MHS ’70
In honor of Jim Hamilton ’69
Robert Keith Class ’70
German Paraud

Thomas Currin
Horace Flynn In honor of H.I.S. class 1946
John Hanawalt In memory of Milton and Catherine Hershey
Jeffrey Antonucci In memory of Mr. William King – Houseparent Glenside & Evergreen

Gifts under $100
Rosario “Roy” Sollazzi MHS ’88
Brian “Hugie” O’Neill ’59
Thomas Benvie
Robert Kerlin In memory of Dean Kerlin

Dirk Dixon MHS-1970
Jack Buchold
William Matson In honor of The Class of 1970
Thomas Mozer
Carl Cox Class of 73
Elizabeth Douglas

John Olszowka In memory of Alex John Olszowka

There are many individuals who have donated anonymously as well as many who have contributed via a donation box.    We greatly appreciate all donations that have been made and continue to be made toward this project.

Listing updated 8/11/17

Thank You to Our Donors!

Images Courtesy of Milton Hershey School®