Garage Finds: Unrestored Treasures that Survived Time

Exhibit Dates:  May 13 – October 8, 2017

Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles

“It’s only original once.”  That’s a phrase being heard more and more often at car shows across the country.  The collector car hobby is fascinated with original cars, Barn finds, long-term family vehicles and unrestored, decades-old daily drivers are the current rage with enthusiasts and are occupying prime real estate in magazines, blogs and auctions.

The AACA Museum explores this trend with a captivating collection of vehicles that have survived the test of time.  The exhibit features dozens of vehicles of all shapes and sizes.   It will be a very diverse representation from all eras and many different vehicle types including motorcycles and commercial applications.  A vehicle doesn’t survive the test of time without a story or two so be prepared for an engaging experience!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted vehicles for consideration as part of this exhibit.  Here are the lists of automobiles, trucks & motorcycles that have been selected for this exhibit.    Vehicles are subject to changes and additions.

Automobiles & Trucks

Garage Finds Vehicle AACA Museum

Photo credit: Jim Butler

Crosley vehicle Garage Finds

Photo credit: Jim Butler

1930 Ford Panel Truck

Photo credit: Jim Butler

List of vehicles is subject to change – updated 5/10/17


1908 Model B Brush Runabout

Museum Loan:   John E. McClure


1909 Buick Model F

Museum Loan:   James G. Mead


1909 White Model O Touring

Museum Loan:  Roger & JoAnna Hayden


1909 Zimmerman Surrey

Museum Loan: Raymond Zimmerman


1910 Otto

Museum Gift: Joseph Penrose


1913 Cartercar Model 7

Museum Loan: Michael H. Witt


1913 Empire Touring Car

Museum Loan: Michael Gardner


1915 Packard 1-35

Museum Loan:  Mark D. Gessler


1915 Locomobile

Museum Loan:   Mark Smith


1917 Haynes Model 36 Touring

Museum Loan: Tim Sammon


1929 Packard 633 Runabout

Museum Loan:   Paul & Sarah Tacy


1930 DeSoto CK

Museum Gift: Matthew Budesheim, Beth Budesheim, and Jill Budesheim Carew


1930 Ford Panel Truck

Museum Loan:  Ken Fenical


1931 Ford Model A Victoria

Museum Loan: Richard Barrett


1932 Buick 66S Special Coupe

Museum Loan:  John S. Lawrence


1932 Studebaker

Museum Gift: Donald Messner


1933 Chrysler Sedan

Museum Loan: Thomas & Carol McLarney


1934 Brewster 5-Passenger Sedan

Museum Loan: Don Weir


1934 Pontiac Sedan

Museum Loan:  Jim Rogers


1935 White Sedan:  Custom 703

Museum Gift:  Ronald A. Juban


1937 Packard Super Eight Formal Sedan

Museum Loan: Tom Scheffner


1941 Studebaker Series 11A Sedan

Museum Loan:  Eric Kirk


1946 Dodge

Museum Loan: Reid A. Firestone


1947 GMC Box Truck

Museum Loan:  Dr. Paul Sable


1948 Crosley Station Wagon

Museum Loan:  John & Sharon Kunkel


1948 Pontiac Streamliner Station Wagon

Museum Loan:  G. Tyler Myers


1951 Crosley Super Wagon

Museum Gift: Winston Radford


1953 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon

Museum Loan:  John Gaynor, III


1953 Packard Caribbean Convertible

Museum Loan: Donald Barlup


1955 Oldsmobile 88


1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Museum Loan:  Hank & Allison Hallowell

1959 Mercury Hatchback

Museum Loan:  Gary Williams


1959 Impala

Museum Loan: Mike Yannessa


1959 Chrysler Imperial

Museum Loan: Hank & Allison Hallowell


1959 Cadillac Series 62

Museum Loan:  Richard Sills


1959 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

Museum Loan:  Paul E. Reichart


1960 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Museum Loan: Charlie & Hana McKenna


1962 Corvette Convertible

Museum Loan:  Don Weir


1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85

Museum Loan:  David J. Brandt


1962 Pontiac Grand Prix

Museum Loan:  Hank & Allison Hallowell


1964 Pontiac Catalina

Museum Loan:  William R. Deegan, Jr.


1965 Chevrolet Impala 2DR Hardtop 

Museum Loan: Rick Risser


1965 Pontiac LeMans

Museum Loan:  Christopher Seivard


1966 Dodge Polara Police Car

Museum Loan:  Donald J. Miller


1966 Mercury Montclair Sedan

Museum Loan:  Stanley Sipko


1968 Porsche 912

Museum Loan: Gaye & Rita Liddick


1968 American Motors Corp. AMX

Museum Loan: Norman & Dollie Young


1972 Lincoln Mark IV

Museum Loan: James & Ellen Nice


1973 Dodge Dart Swinger

Museum Loan: John Marsh


1974 Chevrolet Impala Spirit of America

Museum Loan:  Clark Pyewell


1975 Chevrolet Caprice

Museum Gift: Vesta Pittman


1976 Ford Pinto Runabout

Museum Loan:  Mike & Beth Takacs


1979 Oldsmobile 98 Regency

Museum Loan: James A. Rogers, Jr.


1983 VW Rabbit

Museum Loan:  Ron Mann


1984 Chevrolet Corvette

Museum Gift: In memory of Nedra L. Putt


1984 Town Car Signature Series

Museum Loan:  Mike & Marji Markowski


1989 Camaro IROC Z28 Convertible

Museum Gift: Douglas W. Bennett


1989 Ford Taurus SHO

Museum Loan:  Kevin Boyer

Yamaha CS3 200 Electric Motorcycle

Yamaha CS3 200 Electric

1924 Douglas Twin Motorcycle

1924 Douglas Twin

Motorcycles, Motorbikes & Scooters Listing
The Dilemma: Preservation Vs. Restoration


1907 Indian Single
Owner Robert Williams

1912 Indian Twin
Owner Robert Winters

1924 Douglas Twin
Owner Chuck Hoffman

1930 Harley-Davidson VC Flathead
Owner Paul Light

1930 Indian Four
Owner Robin Markey

1949 Indian Arrow w/accessory skis
Owner Robin Markey

1950 BSA 500 flat-tracker
Owner Bud Kubena

1951 Velocette LE
Owner Roland Henry

1958 Sunbeam
Owner Bud Kubena

1958 Vespa GS150
Owner Jayson McQuown

1958 Zundapp Citation 500
AACA Museum Collection

1960 Honda Benley ‘Tokyo Rose’
Owner Robin Markey

1961/63 Indian (Enfield)
Owner Robin Markey

1964 Capriolo DeLuxe
Owner Stacy Clark

1964 Motobecane Mobylette
Owner Jayson McQuown

1966 BMW R60/2
Owner Jayson McQuown

1967 Harley Davidson FLH
Owner William Walker

1969 Indian JC-54
Owner Stacy Clark

1969 OSSA Pioneer 175
Owner Norman Marriott

1969 Honda 750/4 (early sandcast)
Owner Robin Markey

1969 Sears Model 106SS (Gilera)
Owner Pete Noneman

1969 Honda Cub
Owners Johnsie Silas & Brian Thompson

1970 Ducati 350 Desmo MKIII
Owner Jayson McQuown

1971 DKW Boondocker 125
Owner Scott Fetteroff

1971 Kawasaki G3TRA 100
Owner David Russell

1972 Yamaha CS3 ‘200 Electric’
Owner Rob Kain

1972 Yamaha CT2MX Mini-Enduro
Owner Brian Thompson

1973 CZ 250 Enduro
Owner Brian Thompson

1973 Honda CT90
Owner John Rittenhouse

1974 Puch MX125
Owner Stacy Clark

1974 Honda CB125
AACA Museum Collection

1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee
Owner Bob Sholley

1978 Harley Davidson SX175
Owner William Walker

1978 Laverda 1000 3C Jarama
Owner Barry Miller

1988 Husqvarna WR430
Owner Scott Fetteroff

Updated 5/8/17 – Subject to Change

1962|63 Indian Enfield Chief

1962|63 Indian Enfield Chief

Capriolo De Luxe

Capriolo DeLuxe