First Corvette to Win LeMans – #3 Corvette

1960 Cunningham Corvette_Michael Brown photo credit
Lance Miller with #3 Corvette Photo Credit: Michael Brown

On view October 4 – 27, 2019

The year was 1960, the Cunningham Team had three-Corvette Le Mans entries, and they were ready for an aggressive race.    The first two cars crashed during the race due to wet road conditions leaving just the #3 car with John Fitch and Bob Grossman as the drivers.  Despite the wet conditions, Fitch was able to use his driving skills to maneuver the corvette to advance the car in the standings.   They completed the 24-hour race at Le Mans and were able to take first in class and eighth overall.  This was the first time a Corvette was able to win its class at the famous track in Le Mans France.

The story continues as renowned Corvette enthusiast Chip Miller had a dream of acquiring this car, restoring it and ultimately returning the car to France with its original drive to mark the 50th anniversary of its historic victory.  After much research and negotiation, In October of 2000, he was finally successful in acquiring this car.   The car went through an extensive restoration by Kevin Mackay of Corvette Repair, Inc. and was returned to Chip Miller in early 2002.   This part of the story has a sad ending in that Chip Miller, just two years later, at age 60 died of a rare blood-plasma disease – amyloidosis.

His son, Lance Miller, took on his father’s dream and worked tirelessly to make his father’s dream a reality.   With help from lots of friends in the Corvette racing hobby, he was able to make his father’s dream come true.    One of the original driver’s, John Fitch, drove the #3 car followed by a parade of 50 other Corvettes for a lap around the Circuit du Mans on June 13, 2010.

The winning #3 Corvette will be on view at the AACA Museum from October 9-27 sharing this inspiring story.     Learn more by watching the movie “The Quest” which tells the tale of the driver and the man whose dream was to take the car back to France for the 50th anniversary of the win.

Join us for Night at the Museum on Wednesday, October 9th to hear owner Lance Miller and renowned Corvette restorer Kevin Mackay tale the tale of this amazing vehicle.   Advance reservations are required to attend this program.    More>>