Family Fun at the AACA Museum

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Fun for everyone at the AACA Museum!

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We want the Museum experience to be fun for all members of the family so we’ve located a variety of interactive activities throughout the AACA Museum.
The main level of the AACA Museum is a cruise through time from the 1890s – 1980s from New York’s Battery Park to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and lots of points in between.

"Cars" Scavenger Hunt

Cars Scavenger Hunt Mater

Find your favorite “Cars” characters hiding through the AACA Museum Exhibits on all floors!   This scavenger hunt adds another layer of fun to your visit.  Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, and more.  How many can you find?

This scavenger hunt program will be in place through September 30, 2019.

Tucker Interactive

Picture yourself behind the wheel of a Tucker  ’48!   This replica Tucker is new to our Cammack Tucker gallery and allows you to turn the wheel to better understand how the headlights work.   The Tucker ’48 automobiles where best known for that famous cyclops headlight.

The Assembly Line Experience!



Learn how automobile production evolved from one-at-a-time custom builds to mass production via the assembly line process.  This fun educational experience will challenge individuals to build their own, then build together as a team within a certain amount of time.  Through this interaction, patrons will come to understand why the assembly process for automobiles needed to evolve.

Be sure to visit this engaging hands-on experience during your next visit.   Patrons, Assemble!


Special Note:  The Assembly Line Experience is available year-round, but subject to availability when reserved for educational programs or removed for special events.

Pokemon Go!

#‎PokemonGo‬ is an online game that has captured the attention of many players over the last couple of years.   For those of you who are already playing it, we have a ‪#‎PokeGym‬ and two ‪#‎PokeStops‬ on our property, not to mention all those Pokemon you can find while walking through our exhibits.   Please do not go beyond any barriers to capture a Pokemon. (Definitely never thought we’d be saying that!)

Post the Pokemon you find during your visit using ‪#‎AACAMuseumPokemonGo‬

Note:  You must have the Pokemon App on your electronic devise to be able to play.

If you’re local, or if you’re going to be in Hershey area for a while, here’s a list of other locations in the local area where you can find some of these magical creatures.    Macaroni Kid PokemonGo List>

Travel Through Time

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On the main level – be sure to visit the Machine Shop where you can press a button to activate belt driven machines from that time frame. There were no “parts dealers” in those days so if something was broken on your car you had to have it custom built by a carriage builder, bicycle maker or the like. There’s also an i-pad in this same area to learn more!
Our education carts also provide some hands-on activities such as how gears work.

Explore By Decade

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Our 1920s era integrates an interactive video kiosk where guests can watch videos at the press of a button on a variety of topics – cars & courting, Walter buys a car, wheels & bumpers and more.


In the 1940s era gas station, be sure to find the bell that would call the attendant!


The 1950’s was the era of the drive-in and we’ve always got something playing.


Our newest gallery – The Cammack Tucker Gallery allows you to punch in at a time clock, view videos on the collection and Preston Tucker or order your Tucker ’48 in the vintage dealership.


The Lower Level Gallery has an interactive model train room, life sized vintage diner where you can sit at the counter, along with cars that you can get into and pretend to drive!
There are many special events that happen throughout the year that are fun for all ages – be sure to check out our calendar of events for all the details!