Educational Field Trips


Ready to create a memorable field trip experience for your students or summer camp? We’re here to help create a  fun and educational visit that meets your needs.

School/Summer Camp Rate


AACA Museum, Inc. requires  1 chaperone for every 10 students.  The Lead Chaperone is free. Additional chaperones are at the rate of $10.00 each.   Please note that discounts, museum affiliated memberships or vouchers cannot be combined with the filed trip experience.

Guided Tours

$20.00 per guide. We recommend having 1 guide for every 20 students.

Students $5.50

Additional chaperones $10.00 (1st chaperone is free)

Self Guided Tour

No guide will be assigned to your group; however, we do have docents within the Museum galleries to answer questions.

Students $5.50

Additional Chaperone $10.00 (More than the required 1:10 ratio)

Quick Facts

  • Educational groups (School, Summer Camp or Scout) consists of 10+ students.
  • One weeks notice is required to ensure the museum can properly accommodate your group for a positive field trip experience
  • AACA Museum doesn’t have a designated lunchroom, but we can accommodate groups by staggering their lunch periods in the lower level snack area. Weather permitted, groups can have their lunch outside on the grass areas surrounding the Museum.
  • All  guided groups are oriented in the lobby of the museum.
  • There is a retail store, only chaperoned groups of 20 are allowed in the retail store at a time.
  • Arrange for your group visit by calling 717-566-7100 ext. 117
  • Final group counts should be given no later than one day before your visit. The same applies if you’re canceling your visit. Please call 717-566-7100 ext. 117