Early Off-Roaders

Vintage SUVs Featuring

50 Years of the Ford Bronco and over 75 years of the Jeep

May 21 – October 15, 2016

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Ready for some Off-Road Adventure this summer?

Sport Utility Vehicles today are often more Luxury than Sport or Utility.  Plush heated leather seats, automatic four-wheel-drive and power everything are the norm and often outsell the bread-and-butter sedans offered. Most never go off the pavement.
“It’s as faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule and agile as a goat.” – War correspondent Ernie Pyle describing the Jeep.
Years ago, it was a completely different mindset. Our world famous Jeep and the British Land Rover were borne from necessity. A military needed a rugged, capable vehicle to get from Point A to Point B when no roads connected the two. Farmers, ranchers, hunters and guides were desperate for something to reach places not on the map. Just ask Marlin Perkins from “Wild Kingdom”! Off-road traction and keen mechanical survival skills were more important than doors, heaters, carpeting or other ‘creature comforts’.

1974 Unimog 406| AACA Museum | Early Off Roaders 2016
The AACA Museum salutes these icons and the vehicles begat from them. Ford GP-No.1, a prototype for a light, rugged four-wheel-drive vehicle for reconnaissance and other military use, was delivered to the Army for tests Nov. 23, 1940. Built by Ford, Willys and Bantam, this rugged vehicle became the Jeep we all know today.


The first generation Ford Bronco, introduced in 1966, had a twelve-year run with a huge cult following and later became infamous as O.J. Simpson led the LA police on the world’s slowest chase. Diminutive offerings from Asia such as the Suzuki Samurai emerged as the icons grew in size. All told, these early simplistic vehicles changed the way the world traveled to the far reaches of the globe.

1964 Land Rover

We’ve got some unusual examples of early SUVs as part of this exhibit and look forward to sharing them in our Off-Road adventure this summer.


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List of Exhibit Vehicles & Owners:

1942 Ford GPW
AACA Museum Collection

1947 Jeep CJ
On loan from Wally Hunt

1957 Land Rover
On loan from Kelby Steele

1964 Land Rover
On loan from Bob Raffensperger

1967 Bronco half cab
On loan from Donald P. Peroni

1969 International Scout PU
On loan from Ben Snyder

1971 Steyr Puch Haflinger
On loan from Charles J. Frick, Jr.

1972 Suzuki Brute IV
On loan from Tom Ferrier

1972 VW Thing
On loan from Ron Mann

1974 Uni Mog
On loan from Andrew M. Taylor

1978 International Scout II 2-Door
On loan from Christina Gaeta

1990 Lamborghini LM002
On loan from Ken Swanstrom

Vehicle list updated 5/18/16 – subject to change.