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HERSHEY, PA – Since its first event in 2011, The Elegance at Hershey has wowed attendees with some of the most rare, gorgeous cars ever created, and this year is no different. Car Selection Committee Chair Mark Lizewskie has just announced that five Duesenbergs, considered by some the finest American car ever built, will grace the field at the magnificent Hotel Hershey on June 12th.

The Indianapolis-based company debuted the Model J chassis in late 1928 at a staggering price of $8,500 – without a body! Duesenbergs were considered the cars of royalty, high society and celebrities. The dual overhead cam straight engine was advertised to make 265 horsepower, enough to propel the monstrous car to a top speed of 116 mph. The even rarer and more expensive supercharged SJ versions could hit 129! The Model J was extremely technical for its day with hydraulic brakes, a self-lubricating chassis and racing pedigree from its designers, brothers Fred and Augie Duesenberg. Many of these cars featured built-to-order custom coachwork bodies with staggering prices approaching $20,000.

“We are so very excited and appreciative that these very special cars are making their way to The Elegance At Hershey,” commented Lizewskie. “The sheer beauty, grace and speed of these wonderful machines, along with their owners’ willingness to showcase them, will be a must-see this June!”


The list of Duesenberg Model Js appearing at this year’s Elegance include:

  • A 1933 long-wheelbase Victoria coupe bodied by Rollston from the William E. Swigart, Jr. Antique Auto Museum.
  • A 1933 Berline Touring Sedan featuring coachwork by Franay of Paris. This car, from the collection of Donnie Gould of Florida, was nicknamed “The Queen of Diamonds” and originally delivered to Countess Porceri who frequently could be found with $250,000 worth of jewelry on her person.
  • A 1932 coupe bodied by Judkins from Richie Clyne of Las Vegas. Only two of these cars were built, and this car is the sole remaining example.
  • John and Ethel North of St. Michaels, Maryland, will grace the stunning showfield with their unrestored 1933 Model SJ convertible coupe by Murphy. Mr. North bought this car in 1953 for $2,250 and has continued to enjoy its captivating beauty ever since.
  • Robert, Sandy and Gary Bahre of Oxford, Maine, will once again bring one of their spectacular cars to The Elegance – this time a 1934 SJ Torpedo Convertible Victoria by Rollston. It’s long, low profile with gracefully-sculpted body and Rollston-designed ‘scoop’ fenders create a powerful ‘mean looking’ presentation.
  1934_SJ_Torpedo_Convertible_Victoria-Elegance_2016  1932_Coupe-Elegance_2016
 1933_Model_SJ_ Convertible_Coupe-Elegance_2016

(Above Left) 1934 SJ Torpedo Convertible Victoria by Rollston – Robert, Sandy and Gary Bahre of Oxford, Maine

(Above Right) 1932 coupe bodied by Judkins from Richie Clyne of Las Vegas

(Left) 1933 Model SJ convertible coupe by Murphy – John and Ethel North of St. Michaels, Maryland

These magnificent Duesenbergs are just a small example of the stunning showfield that The Elegance at Hershey will exhibit during its Sunday, June 12th event. For more information and to purchase event tickets, please visit TheEleganceAtHershey.com or call 717-534-1910.

Come join us for this truly fantastic weekend!

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