DeSoto Display

On view now – April 26, 2020



A display of DeSoto vehicles adorns the Williams-Clyne Showroom at the AACA Museum.    This display is guest curated by the Colonial Chapter of the National DeSoto Club and includes vehicles, artwork and other artifacts.

National DeSoto Club Logo

DeSoto was introduced by Chrysler in 1928.  The last year for the marque was 1961.   And then there was none.  The story goes that when Walter P. Chrysler was searching for a name for his new car, he wanted it to be strong.  What’s stronger than that of a Spanish conquistador?  He was the first documented European to see the mighty Mississippi River.  He was an adventurer.  In fact the name “Adventurer” was given to a model of DeSoto introduced in 1956.

The National DeSoto Club has approximately 1,000 members and there are eight chapters of the club.  This exhibit is guest curated by the Colonial chapter.

DeSoto 1960 Fireflite