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FINS: The Rise and Fall of the Tail Fin in American Automotive Design May 10 – October 12, 2008 Bobby socks, leather jackets, poodle skirts—and fins? That’s right. During the 50’s and 60’s, being in style meant driving a car that looked like a rocket ship! Return to those days with the Antique auto Museum Read More »

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1970 Chevelle LS-6

The LS6 Chevelle represents a part of the ‘muscle car find’ in Wisconsin in 2006. This vehicle was found by following up on a long-rumored collection of muscle cars and Corvettes, as well as literally tons of parts, stored in semi trailers by a quiet man in his hometown. 1970 Chevelle ExhibitOne-by-one the trailers, which Read More »

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Truckin’ The American Pickup

The American Pickup: 1905 - 1980 November 3, 2007 - April 30, 2008 Few things are more American than the pickup truck. Today it sits in suburban driveways, urban job sites and rural farmyards. It’s a true AUV, an “American utility vehicle.” The pick up truck was born in America. It traces its genealogy back Read More »

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Cadillac LaSalle Club

Cadillac LaSalle Club Museum Cars on Display October 10, 2007 – August 1, 2008 Two rare cars from the collection of the Cadillac LaSalle Club Museum & Research Center, Inc. are now on display for a limited time at the AACA Museum. The 1931 Cadillac that is a CCCA Premier and CLC Senior Car. Its Read More »

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Dr. Mel Wolk Artwork

Dr. Mel Wolk: Featured Artwork Exhibition at the AACA Museum October 3, 2007 - May 9, 2008 Hershey PA 10/3/2007. Dr. Mel Wolk is a retired pediatrician and a self-taught photographer. During his years of medicine, he was usually found with a camera in his hands in his free time. A course of study with the Read More »

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Beautiful Buicks

If you enjoyed the Beautiful Buicks show then checkout our 110th Anniversary Edition. Beautiful Buicks - 110th Anniversary » Buicks have been a part of America’s automotive heritage since the Brass Era, when a motor car was more mechanical marvel than trusted transportation. At the AACA Museum, there is a 1910 Buick in the 1900s segment of Read More »

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