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Assembly Line Experience At the AACA Museum

Hershey, PA (May 8, 2017) — The AACA Museum has unveiled the newest education experience for visitors and groups – The Assembly Line Experience!

As a permanent exhibit, learn how automobile production evolved from one-at-a-time custom builds to massproduction via the assembly line process. This fun display will challenge individuals to build on their own, then as a team within a certain amount of time. Through this interaction, patrons will come to understand why the assembly process for automobiles needed to evolve.

The assembly line has long been considered one of the great innovations of the 20th century. This exhibit outlines how far mass production has come, from 1901 with Ransom E. Olds and his idea of consistent interchangeable parts, to the modern day robotic age, and into the future with 3D printing.

Be sure to check this out on your next visit – located in the Main Gallery, just passed the early 1900s exhibit. Exhibit installation via Exhibit Graphics Interior, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

To reserve this experience for your group, please contact education@aacamuseum.org.

Other featured exhibit this summer will include Garage Finds: Unrestored Treasurers that Survived Time, focused on the fact that vehicles are only original once and will share some interesting stories in the life of these cars and motorcycles. The Camaro & Firebird 50th Anniversary exhibit will showcase examples of these iconic American vehicles as they celebrate a 50-year milestone this year. See under-appreciated collector vehicles come to center stage with the new Detroit Underdogs exhibit, based off the Hemmings Classic Car magazine column.

Disclaimer: The Assembly Line Experience is available year-round, but subject to availability when reserved for educational programs or removed for special events.