Alternative Energy Vehicles

March 2 – May 27, 2012

Alternative-Energy-GraphicThe AACA Museum will begin 2012 by “going green” with an Alternative Energy Vehicle Exhibition. Electric cars and hybrids are all the rage today with the movement toward a cleaner environment and the crippling cost of gasoline.

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1938_WalkerDynamotiveWhat most people don’t know is that these technologies have been around as long as the automobile itself! In the car’s formative period, electricity went head to head with steam and the internal combustion engine as countless manufacturers competed for market share in this burgeoning new industry.

1899_CrouchThis exhibition will look at 1899 Crouchthe entire history of automobile propulsion beyond the internal combustion engine. Included will be early steam and electric vehicles, plus newer variants produced later in the century. We are also focusing on other “alternative energy” vehicles produced over the years, including wood burners, and other “converted” machines. The exhibition will enter the 21st century with select modern vehicles that aim to offer everything from high mileage, performance, comfort and low emissions all in one affordable package.


KarmaThe Fisker Karma will be with the alternative energy exhibit – but only for the first 9 days! Stop by early to have a chance to see this amazing car.

Take a look at the other cars we will have during the show.
Alternative Energy Car List
The Studebaker Congressional vehicle will only be on display through May 21.

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