AAG Appraisal Certification Class

September 26-29 2018

The registration deadline is fast approaching for the September AAG Certification Class to be held at the AACA Museum, Inc!

AAG Appraisal School 2018The Auto Appraisal Group specializes in independent, certified appraisals and pre-purchase inspections of all types of collectible automobiles.  AAG is looking forward to this special event and has room for a few more candidates. After certification AAG agents are equipped to inspect, document and gather information for all types of automobiles for AAG appraisals and pre-purchase inspections. They also receive on-going support to help them establish their agency in their local area.  AAG  has found the AACA Museum to be a great venue for their certification classes and agents always enjoy learning about some of the unique automobiles displayed there.

We have limited space in this class so complete an application on AAG’s website so you can register ASAP.   If you have questions, just call AAG direct at 1-800-848-2886.


Garage photo Pontiac Inspection T Bird Appraisal Inspection

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