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The Hello Strangers

The Hello Strangers at the LakeWhat does Austin-influenced, rural-Pennsylvanian, indie sister-folk sound like? Verbosity aside, it sounds uniquely like The Hello Strangers, a sister duo whose haunting harmonies and original, wittingly noir songwriting style are the backbone of their sound.

The Hello Strangers were born out of the Austin, Texas music scene in 2006 when sisters Larissa Chace Smith and Brechyn Chace wrote their first song together, entitled “Pregnant in Jail.” Based on true events, it was a preamble to a string of original tunes the pair crafted in a little cottage off South Congress Avenue. Soon, however, the mountains of Pennsylvania beckoned the girls back north, and so they packed up their lives, dogs, and Larissa’s husband and returned to their two-stoplight hometown.

The move has since proven to be a boon for the duo. The sisters have created a catalogue of original music with nods to American folk traditions, modern indie rock, Texas country-folk, and roots rock, all tied together with lilting harmonies that only sisters can create. Timeless imagery and fables are at the core of each song, from tales of a boggy creek bottom where a murdered man sleeps, to a Texas roadhouse with bawdy dancers and clinking beer bottles, to more poignant reflections on the loss of winter or a man gone wrong.

Currently, the sisters are backed by long-time bassist Dave Holzwarth, with Spencer Pheil on guitar and Trent Renshaw on drums.

The Hello Strangers recently won the AirPlay Direct “Win An Americana Record Deal Contest” and will have the honor of working with IMI Music in Nashville, Tennessee on their forthcoming album.

No Surf Music calls them “perhaps the most exciting prospects on the Americana scene today, with dark, perfectly crafted lyrics expressed through a pair of harmonious voices literally born to sing together and coated in folk-inspired music bolstered by a fresh, modern attitude.”    Hello Strangers


The Luv Gods

lglogo180If you like to dance, then you’ll love the LUV GODS! The Luv Gods are a five piece band that does every style of music from modern to classic rock, funk, Motown and dance.
Their music includes mostly the 80′s, but you will also hear songs from the 70′s, 90′s and 2000′s. So check out their schedule by clicking on TOUR DATES, and see where you can catch the next LUV GODS show. You can also see their schedule at their official website,


The Cigar Lady

cigar20n20leather_jpg_opt108x144o00s108x144A variety of cigars will be available for purchase along with a designated smoking area to enjoy them!


Cooking with Beer Demonstrations

cooking200pxOur celebrity chef, will be cooking up a storm!   Details coming soon . . . .





Multiple Food Vendors

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